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Layers Bakery header image filled with croissants in the colour Olive.
Layers bakery logo

Bakery, cafe and wholesale.

now open
tues-sunday 8am-4pm

68 Orchard Place
E14 0JZ

Wholesale orders


Get in touch to be supplied our incredible bread and viennoiserie for your venue. We deliver to all London, freshly baked before delivery.

Layers Bakery croissant illustration in Terracotta

we're hiring!

If you wish to be part of our growing Team, please apply below with your CV, a little bit about you and the roles you're interested in. We are always looking for keen individuals to join Layers!

About us


Layers: Lamination is the process of folding and rolling butter into dough over and over again to create super thin layers. These layers, which alternate between butter and dough, are what give croissants their signature layers structure and their fabulously flaky texture.

In bread making there are layers too, when cutting through a developed raw dough you can see the layers of gluten structure and micro cells of air which play a huge role on the final crumb structure.

Layers Bakery croissant illustration in Caramel
Layers Bakery croissant illustration in Caramel

perfect blend

Layers was born out of the current lack of quality bakery products on the market available for wholesale, so Chelsea, Giulia & Faye have teamed up to bring you Layers.

The idea was created on the back of the continuous waste that a wholesale business has, and we truly believe that now, more then ever, we should be focusing on sustainability and Fair Trade where possible, evaluating the nature of the amazing ingredients we have access to.

Layers Bakery team background image shows a pink croissant illustration on an olive coloured background.

our layers


The creator of London local’s favourites; District and Where's Fred's. She’s forever searching for the perfect product to serve in her venues so the concept of Layers was a natural next step.

London's District coffee shop's logo.
Where's Fred's London cafe and wine bar logo.


Giulia is our bread baker with an incredible resume; formerly Head baker at Hedone, and most recently the Head Baker at Fallow in Leicester Square.


Faye is our Head of Viennoiserie with an experience next to none. Faye worked at The Ritz for 4 years and then went on to become Head of Pastry at Hedone and London Stock in Mayfair.

The Layers Bakery team! From left; Faye our Head of Viennoiserie, Chelsea our Founder and Giulia our Bread Baker.
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