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Freshly baked and brewed.

our products

All of our products are baked fresh, in-store, using ingredients from specially-selected SUPPLIERS to produce the best quality bakes in London.
Read more about our suppliers here.

Layers: Lamination is the process of folding and rolling butter into dough over and over again to create super thin layers. These layers, which alternate between butter and dough, are what give croissants their signature layers structure and their fabulously flaky texture.

In bread making there are layers too, when cutting through a developed raw dough you can see the layers of gluten structure and micro cells of air which play a huge role in the final crumb structure.

Want to know more about our wholesale fulfilment? Get in touch here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

flour from 
wild farmed

Wildfarmed is an end-to-end supply chain that offers a route to market for crops grown in systems that prioritise soil health.

"We work with farmers embracing regenerative approaches to improve farm biodiversity and soil condition. We grow all of crops without the use of pesticides, audited by a third party, to a set of Wildfarmed regenerative standards that all of our growers follow."

chocolate from XOCO Gourmet

"XOCO Gourmet is the only chocolate maker to plant cacao for variety. This changes everything in the flavour of the chocolate. From a simply, industrialised product, it becomes alive and vibrant with flavours from the cacao fruit."

coffee from origin coffee

Origin Coffee is one of Europe's leading speciality coffee roasters. Leading change in the industry for nearly two decades, Origin remains committed to a pursuit of coffee excellence bound by one central ethos--to source, support, and champion farmers and producers though a sustainable, triple bottom line approach.

milk and butter from the estate dairy

"We are a collective of young, passionate individuals dedicated to producing and bottling the highest quality milk, cultured butter and cream. We source richest milk from small, local family farm holdings that share our ethos for quality and sustainability. Resulting in milk with a unique golden colour, as well as butter and creams with a beautifully rich flavour."

fruit and vegetables from angry monk

By monitoring London's wholesale produce markets, identifying current and imminent surplus based on seasonality, weather, appearance and changes in the supply chain, 
we provide regular impact reports calculating the CO2e and water savings from your use of food surplus, as well as reporting and marketing materials to get your own customers excited about your work and climate change!

Our suppliers

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Baked in E14, 362 days a year to supply some of the best specialty coffee shops and restaurant venues in London. 

Our cafe is open Tuesday - Sunday for our freshly baked goods, brunch and coffee.

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Illustration of a croissant
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Illustration of a croissant
Illustration of a croissant

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